G2 now an Agfa Distributor

G2 is a full distributor of Agfa consumable products.

So for your all your Agfa needs such as film, plates, chemistry, supermaster and setprint we can help and we promise competitive pricing and great service.
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Chemistry-free Thermal CtP Plate - A Breakthrough in CtP

Agfa's :Azura is the only plate system on the market that is completely chemistry-free. It uses ThermoFuse technology to physically bond images to the plate without any chemical processing. The result is highly stable and predictable thermal imaging, without any compromises on press. :Azura provides a simple alternative to traditional plates. This built-in simplicity gives :Azura users an inherently wide working-latitude with fewer variables and higher reliability than other forms of CtP. :Azura is the recommended technology for printers who require the ultimate in predictable, stress-free, CtP technology. Because it requires no chemical processing, it reduces waste and eliminates prepress steps--helping you create a more streamlined workflow.

User Profile

:Azura is a good option for low/medium volume thermal CtP users. It is available in sizes from 2-up (230-850mm) to 8-up (300-1100mm):Azura can hold up to 2-98 % screen tints at 200 LPI, and delivers runs of up to 100K, depending on press conditions.

Hostman-Steinberg supplies a large variety of ink products, including sheet-fed offset inks for catalogs, posters, and high-quality art printing; web offset inks with low-temperature drying characteristics suitable for high-speed printing; special gravure inks, such as those used on plastic film and metal foil; newspaper color offset inks; and keyless offset inks.
Other products include, blankets, a wide range of aerosols and washup products.
We also supply the Epson range of Inks and other consumables for Wide Format printers

Ferag Australia supplies Konica Film, Plates and Chemistry to suit a wide range of digital Imagesetters and Platesetters


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