G2 Solutions through the directors - Bernie Hockings and Peter Fell have a long history in the Prepress Industry, with experience on Phototypesetters, Imagesetters, Platesetters and all manner of RIPs including Harlequin, Adobe, Panther and Others. We have been involved in the production of all types of print production including newspapers, magazines and commercial print work, and can provide our expertise and advice in these areas.

G2 Solutions is the Australian Distributor for Xitron, a premium supplier of Harlequin and Adobe RIPs, Workflow solutions and Proofing solutions.

Through changes in the company structures of Highwater Design and Xitron, we are now able to support and upgrade the Highwater products including the Torrent RIP, Quickflow Workflow and Q2 Spooler.

We also buy and sell used Prepress equipment.

Xitron manufactures productive, flexible workflow systems and interfaces designed to drive the pre-press industry’s most popular new output devices as well as its legacy systems, prolonging their life and protecting
our customer’s investments.

Today, Xitron’s Navigator RIP, Raster Blaster TIFF Catcher, and GPS Workflow solutions are recognized as pre-press standards. Built around core technology from Global Graphics and Adobe Systems, Xitron engineers continue to develop stable, yet flexible solutions for the graphic arts market. Driving over 250 different models of imagesetters, proofers, platesetters, and digital presses, we truly are, “The RIP Experts.”





We can upgrade your Harlequin RIP to the latest Version-10 64bit RIP to allow trouble-free ripping of the latest Indesign and Quark documents.

The Harlequin RIP may be known as the Torrent, Navigator, Grafix, HQ, Scriptsetter, ECRM, SoftPIP or other name

We can support your Prepress software installations including the PDF workflow known as XiFlow, GPS, RIP Manager or QuickFlow.

We can also support TIFF Catchers such as the Q2 Spooler and Python Console.

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